General information


Ship type and class: Corvette - Gabbiano

Year of construction: 1943

Shipyard: Breda Mestrina near Venice


Dimensions: 64,4 x 8,7 x 2,8


Displacement: 670 t


Depth: 82m

Motor: 2 diesel engines i 2 electric motors


Armament: guns, torpedo tubes i depth charge throwers

Crew: 110 people

The UJ 208 (ex Spingarda) and UJ 202 (ex Melponema) after being conquered by the Germans 10. on September 10 and 11, on September 10 and 11 , 1944, found themselves in a battle with two British destroyers, the Avon Vale and Wheatland, who sunk them. The Spingarda lies on her starboard side south to the Melpomene. The wreck is surrounded by a silty cloud impeding the visibility. Many dep sea mines can be seen on the fore while an anti-submarine missile launch type Gatteschi is located on the aft together with the bombs.

Engine: 2 x Fiat diesel engines, 2 x Ansaldo electric motors for silent search, dual shaft, 2 screws/3,500 bhp (2,600 kW) 18 knots
Armament: 1× 100 mm (4 in), 7× 20 mm (0.79 in) AA guns, 2× 450 mm (18 in) torpedo tubes, 10 × depth charge throwers, 1 sonar and hydrophones The armament was strengthened in German hands on three 37 mm caliber cannons, one 20 mm four-barrel cannon and five 20 mm single-barrel cannons.



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