General information


Name: Roza

Body: wooden


Dimensions: length 30m, beam 5m


Length: 38-46m

“Roza” is a cargo ship sunk due to the crew’s mistake, who hit the rocky coast of the island of Pag. She lies adjacent to the coast, at 38 to 49 meters of depth, and thus her position is ideal for deep divers but also for those less experienced as they can dive at smaller depths along a beautiful wall. The diving begins at 3 meters of depth and continues along the wall with beautiful holes, corals, sponges and fish. At a depth of 25 meters, there are three towers going down to 45 meters. On their right, at a distance of 20 meters, lays the shipwreck “Roza”. The wreck lies horizontally on the sandy sea floor. Unfortunately, the cabin and the deck have collapsed, due to time. But the hull is still in a relatively good condition. The engine is visible and accessible. The wreck is the home to brown combers, scorpionfish, conger eels, lobsters and mullets. Once, the dive on the wreck is done, you can continue diving along the wall slowly rising to the surface.



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