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Tabinja 25m

Tabinja 25m

Name: Tabinja
Body: wooden
Dimensions: length 25m, beam 5m
Length: 25-38m

Tabinja was a fishing boat, which now lies at 25 to 38 meters of depth. Next to it are three smaller tourist boats that lie at a depth of 25 and 20 meters at a distance of 80 meters from the shore.

The wreck is slightly lying on starboard. The cabin has collapsed and the mast fell sideways. The engine is placed in the middle of the wreck and is easily accessible. Diving can be organized either by directly descending to Tabinja down a pre-set cord or by starting the dive from the shore.

The other three wrecks are smaller, 8 meters each, and are all within 20 meters. Near the wrecks, at a ca. 5 m distance, there is a sunken anchor for anchoring naval mines and the remains of an exploded mine from WWII.

The diving is rather simple, the visibility is good and therefore all of them can be seen in a single dive. The sea life is also nice. The divers quite often meet conger eels hiding in the wrecks, different crabs and various fish.

Tabinja 25m

If you want to experience a real diving adventure in the Adriatic

two boats of 12 m length are available, equipped with a kitchen, toilet, fresh water, DAN oxygen kit, satellite navigation, heating, etc., so everything you need for safe and comfortable diving in summer and winter.

Tabinja 25m

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Tabinja 25m

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