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Name: Nameless
Body: wooden
Length: 30m
Depth: 25-38m
Time of sinking: WW II.

On the northern side of the island of Rab, near the ferry port “Mišnjak”, lays a wooden shipwreck sunken due to bad weather during World War II.

Due to her current depth, the long period of being underwater, as well as her wooden structure, only the contours and some other parts remained.

The wreck lies on a rocky bottom at a depth of 12 to 18 meters along the coast and is suitable for both experienced divers and beginners.


If you want to experience a real diving adventure in the Adriatic

two boats of 12 m length are available, equipped with a kitchen, toilet, fresh water, DAN oxygen kit, satellite navigation, heating, etc., so everything you need for safe and comfortable diving in summer and winter.


In general

Arijan, Luka,  Mirko,

Barbat 710,

51 280 Rab,



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