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Diving locations

Diving locations

Diving locations on the map

On the map you can see some of the basic diving locations that take place in the Mirko Diving Center.

Diving locations
Mala plaža
Rt Sajalo (Goli otok)
Rt Šilo
Sunken ship "Albanijan"
Sunken ship "Euterpe"
Sunken ship "Audače"
Sunken ship "Melpomene"
Sunken ship "Spingarda"
Sunken ship "Nanos"
Diving locations


Diving locations

Mirko Diving Center is open all year round

Besides offering diving services, the Center also offers accommodation in apartments at its site.

The great diversity of the island of Rab and its submarine world provides opportunities for full-day and several-day excursions for both divers and non-divers. Most diving locations are suitable for advanced divers and beginners alike as they are situated near the coast, where the sea is calm and where there is almost no underwater current. The depth beneath the boat is usually around 3 meters, and later on descends down to 30 or up to 50 meters in depth.

The diverse underwater configuration, along with its crevices, caves, wrecks, fish, crabs, octopuses, corals and shellfish, provides for a beautiful, comfortable and among all, a safe diving experience for every diver.

Diving locations

If you want to experience a real diving adventure in the Adriatic

two boats of 12 m length are available, equipped with a kitchen, toilet, fresh water, DAN oxygen kit, satellite navigation, heating, etc., so everything you need for safe and comfortable diving in summer and winter.

Diving locations

In general

Arijan, Luka,  Mirko,

Barbat 710,

51 280 Rab,


Diving locations

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