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Year of construction: 1913
Shipyard: Yarrow, Glasgow
Last Owner: German Navy (Kriegsmarine)
Body: steel
Dimensions: length 87,2m, beam 8,4m
Displacement: 1011 t
Engine: 22000 s.h.p., 28 knots
Armament: anti-aircraft rocket launchers, machine guns
Crew: 113 people
Depth: 82m

The torpedo boat Audace was sunk on the night of November 1, 1944, off the island of Pag alongside two other torpedo boats, the UJ 202 and 208 (the ex-corvettes Melpomene and Spingarda by the British destroyers Avon Vale and Wheatland.

The British destroyers in the first 10 minutes of the battle destroyed both corvettes and then around 9 pm started rescuing the survivors.

The rescue was ceased at 10:30 when TA 20 (ex Audace) was noticed on the radar and was gun shelled immediately.

The first missile hit the commanding bridge killing the German officers on it. The TA 20 was heavily damaged and sunk within half-an-hour.

The wreck is located at a depth of 80 m, slightly tipped to the right. It is often completely enclosed by a cloud of silt which diminishes the beauty of the dive. Nevertheless, the Audace seems to be in intact from bow to stern.


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