Diving options

Mirko Diving Center organizes diving both from shore and from boat. However, as the more beautiful and more attractive locations cannot be accessed from shore, most of the diving is done from boat. The locations are 20 minutes to 1 hour away from the starting point
Every diving location is excellent for advanced divers and beginners alike, as it is done along the coastline, where the sea is calm and the underwater currents almost absent. The depth beneath the boat is around 3 meters deep and then descends down to 30 – 50 meters, allowing everyone to choose just the right depth for himself or herself, making thus each dive comfortable, relaxing and safe.
One can find sponges, gorgonias, anemonae and other submarine vegetation in all their breath-taking colours. The underwater fauna of the Northern Adriatic includes such species as the two-banded bream, the sheepshead bream, the crab, the octopus, the conger eel, the dogfish, the grouper and many others.




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