Island Rab

With its 30 sandy beaches, Rab is truly a “happy island” with many small, picturesque bays that tourists from all over the world recognized almost 125 years ago. This tradition continues today when Rab, thanks to the crystal clear, warm and shallow sea, is an ideal destination for the whole family. Here everyone can find their ideal beach depending on their own wishes – on Rab there are nudist beaches, secluded bays, beaches for dogs and beaches for singles.

The endless sandy Paradise Beach is so perfect that CNN listed it as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world in 2012. year. Rab is known as an island of sun, sand, sea and beauty and as one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic. The weather on the Adriatic is very pleasant. Warm summers alternate with mild winters. With approximately 2600 hours of sunshine a year, Rab is the perfect place to relax. Temperatures in July and August reach up to 40 ° C, with an average sea temperature of 25 ° C.

Rab is covered by more than 100 kilometres of hiking trails and cycling paths, allowing you to explore the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape at your own leisurely pace. An active vacation is not just a way to relax and fill your body with happy endorphins, but also a way to get to know your surroundings and a means of staying healthy and fit.

Fortunately, Rab is an ideal destination for this type of vacation, thanks to its beautiful natural resources and organized tours (diving, walking, cycling, hiking, tennis, mini golf, surfing, water skiing, boating, kayaking, fishing, etc.).

Special features

The flora and fauna

The nature, both above and below the sea level, is clean and rich in flora and fauna. A large segment of the island is covered in all kinds of plant life from aromatic shrubs to lush pine and oak forests housing rabbits, pheasants and birds of prey. Due to its greenery, some refer to Rab as the Emerald isle. There are also several schools of friendly dolphins living in the waters around Rab. With a little luck, you make catch them on camera and take home the most beautiful memories.


The many churches and town squares on the island of Rab have not changed their primary role since the Roman days, and as such, remained the Center of the cultural life. Settled by the Illyrians in 350BC Rab became an ancient Roman municipality in the 1st century BC and later the Center of the eastern Adriatic coast, called Felix Arba. Every summer you can experience all kinds of happenings on the streets of Rab, from concerts presenting eminent Croatian and international musicians, to open art ateliers and street exhibitions, creating a special vibrant atmosphere. Among the many happenings, the medieval summer festival, the Rabska fjera, should be singled out. Its celebrations hark back to the Rab of yesteryear, as the city becomes a great stage, where the people of Rab and their friends dressed up in colourful historical costumes demonstrate traditional art and craftwork.


Rab has more than 300 restaurants and taverns. Almost every restaurant offers a large selection of meat or fish dishes, in addition to, of course, a variety of pastas, pizzas and salads. Guests who are particularly interested in local gastronomy will find a variety of konobas (local taverns) where they can enjoy local dishes and wine.



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