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About Mirko Diving Center

Do you want to dive on one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, on beautiful diving locations or do you just want to learn to dive or maybe just try? If so, you must definitely come to Mirko diving center on the island of Rab – the island of sun, sea, beautiful beaches and bays where divers will find pleasure, as well as their families.
The island of Rab for an active vacation can offer many surprises. One of them is the Mirko Diving Center. Mirko Diving Center was opened by father and son, Mirko and Arijan Žigo in 1993. after more than 20 years of recreational diving in Barbat on the island of Rab.
The Center disposes of 30 full sets of diving equipment and over 60 diving tanks available for rent, ABC equipment, an MPS mixer for preparing Nitrox and Trimix mixtures, a 300 bar oxygen bank and two compressors with a capacity of 550 l/min and an operating pressure of 200-300 Bar.

The Center has two 12 m diving boats for diving excursions. The boats are equipped with a kitchen, a toilette and a supply of fresh water, a Dan oxygen emergency set, satellite navigation, and heating guaranteeing safe and pleasant diving in summer and in winter.

Mirko diving center offers these types of diving services

Divng from a boat

Diving from shore

Night diving

Diving courses

Discovery dives

Diving on walls, wrecks and caves

Diving equipment rental (gear, tanks, weights)

Filling tanks with air, oxygen, nitrox and trimix

Mirko Diving Center is open all year round

Besides offering diving services, the Center also offers accommodation in apartments at its site.

The great diversity of the island of Rab and its submarine world provides opportunities for full-day and several-day excursions for both divers and non-divers. Most diving locations are suitable for advanced divers and beginners alike as they are situated near the coast, where the sea is calm and where there is almost no underwater current. The depth beneath the boat is usually around 3 meters, and later on descends down to 30 or up to 50 meters in depth.

The diverse underwater configuration, along with its crevices, caves, wrecks, fish, crabs, octopuses, corals and shellfish, provides for a beautiful, comfortable and among all, a safe diving experience for every diver.



Mirko Diving Center

Mirko Arijan Žigo,
Barbat 710,
51 280 Rab,

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